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Information - Characters

Wondering who is who in the comic?

    These are the characters in the comic, Books of Extent. Because I want to, they will show up as we progress in the comic! ^___^ Otherwise, whenever I want to put them up! Hee Hee.

Haze . Kanami . Professor Oijii

Haze -- Wood Demon

Haze Name: Haze
Age: 17
Race: Demon; Wood
Occupation/Role: Professor Oijii's Assistant -- Hero
Abilities: Branch Growth, Intelligence
Personality: Usually quiet, he doesn't say much to people he doesn't know very well. He is considered intelligent by the few that have met him. Once he opens up, he is quite kind, helping those who need it. While he has good offence in battle, he tries to stay level-headed and works on defensive moves.

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