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The Fans! - Character Quiz!

1. You and your friends arrive in a small town. You...
... look for the closest source of amusement
... pout because I didn't want to come here.
... wake up.
... stay silent because I am not too close to them yet.
... whimper silently because I don't like the look of the place.
... dont have any friends. They're useless.
... start demolishing the place!

2. Suddenly, you are attacked! You...
... waste no time and punch the attacker in the face! >=/
... laugh, because the attacker looks funny.
... figure out the best way to take them down mentaly and rather fast.
... rip his/her guts out in the most violent way possible.
... get rid of them swiftly, and continue on my way.
... run away! My friends aren't THAT important!
... hit on him/her before falling back asleep. That's my work for the day.

3. The battle is over. You explore the town. What do you find?
A nice corner to cower in silently.
A library and a good, thick book!
Whatever I find! From a squirrel to a stinky old man! I don't care.
An amusement park and candy! Wheee! *runs smack into wall*
Nothing. I am not interested in anything.
A pile of rubble, of course; whatever's left of the stupid town.
A bunch of hot boys/girls who you can sleep on if you catch my drift. *wink*

4. Now that you have explored, what else do you want to do?
Shh! I'm reading!
It's all about impulse. Now, shut up!
Whatever is necessary.
Sleep and dream of girls/boys that I like.
Destroy the next town with one hand tied behind me leg.
Get away from here as fast as I can!

5. Okay, you leave town, and you meet a person who is lost... You...
... barely notice them due to the book I haven't yet let go of, but help them. O.o
... prepare to destroy him/her because they are in my way! >=/
... help them and try to cheer them up by making a funny face. ^_^
... go around them. o___o
... tell them to shut up and move, then I'll consider helping them! >.>
... ask if they have a boyfriend/girlfriend. ^.~
... cry because you're lost too. >.<

6. Regardless of your action, the person follows you. What do you do?
I'll lead them to a nearby town, but pretend not to do it purposely.
Stare at them 'til they wet thier pants and run away.
Shove a map in thier arms and run away from them.
Flirt because I know he/she loves me.
Cool! Let's play Follow the Me! *walks smack into tree*
Didn't I destroy you? I don't miss twice. *twisted smile*
They're not following me, I'm following them! *shiver*

7. Later, a good friend/acquaintance/relative approaches you! Who is it?
... My former self.
My super-best-ultimate-greatest friend EVAR!!! *runs into friend*
Wha? Don't interrupt my reading, please?
I dunno. I don't remember! *blushes*
Ha! I destroy everyone I meet, stupid! Must be a ghost. (I'll destroy it then.)
A girl/boy I met in town and ... *rambles on*
I hope it's my mommy... that's the only person I know!

8.After that, you come to an inn! What's the first thing you do?
I finally finish my book I got from question #3, and look for another.
Grab some babes/dudes and go to bed, I guess?
Get a private room and write about how I wish I weren't so protective of myself.
Sleep. That's what I came for.
Konk out on the floor after that major sugar rush! zzZZzzzz *dreams about hitting a wall*
Kill everyone in the inn, sleep peacefully, and prepare to destroy the inn in the morning.
Flee to my room and cower under my sheets.

9.Did you enjoy this quiz? Even a little?
I was reading the whole time! I wouldn't know... *turns page*
FUN!! *runs into you*
Are you hot? If you are, then yes, it was very fun. *wink*
It was okay... I guess... It was scary though.
It was stupid.

10. Are you going to keep reading the comic?
I WILL DESTROY THE COMIC AS WELL! *maniacal laughter*
READING! I'm in!
I guess. If I want to.
*already there, since I ran smack into it*
Are there hot people in it?
... *leaves room*

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