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   Hello and Welcome to Books of Extent, a webcomic created by me, Chibi Kitsu! This site is hosted by Keenspace.com! Thanks, Keenspace! One Winged is another of my comics, but it's kind of on a Hiatus right now. Anyway, this webcomic is updated Wednesdays!

   This is our first layout, green and yellow. Don't ask why I picked these colors... I just like them! Navigation is above, so have fun! Updates will be posted here, on the main page!

|Haze| Hi there! Welcome to the site!

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- Updated Comic

   Sorry for not posting it last Wednesday, but yeah. I was busy preparing for X-mas. Anyway, here's a new page for you guys! ^^

- New Site, New Layout, New Comic!

   Yes, that's right! The site is just getting kicked off! Some things still need to be uploaded, so don't worry if there are a few broken links or images. I just hope you guys like the comic period. ^_^;

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